Tallahassee, FL


Even after there is no you
and there is nothing left of me
I pray that
there is still an us


Hexagonal palindromes
Bee buzzing
Consistent flight waves
Flick my bic

Plaintive confessions of rampant egohood

Constant inexorable rebirth (and realization anew) of self from moment to moment.

An excerpt from the tibetan book of the dead:
Obscured fool [that I am, burdened by] the most negative, evil past acts,
Propelled by the momentum of these past actions,
I have taken birth as the personification of rampant ego-hood within this world-system of desire.
I regret having taken such birth, and am dismayed by my past acts!
Yet, regardless of my regret and my dismay, past actions cannot be re-made.
The momentum of past actions is as strong as a river's inexorable flow,
So how can the mighty river of past actions be reversed in a mere moment!
All that ripens is born from one's own past actions,
And I am one who has been swept along by the violent whirlwind of my past actions,
And accordingly have roamed over countless past aeons,
Lost within the dark prisons of cyclic existence.
O Lord of Loving Kindness, through the blessing of your compassion,
Purify the obscurations [generated by] my past actions and dissonant mental states,
And secure me in the presence of your mother-like loving kindness!

Generative Expat Pattern

Video at https://vimeo.com/43872533

Pattern self-portrait during sans-salary period

Insomniac's email scramble and frantic mis-focus
Interview and exercise to escape mind
Collapse play collapse

Tech Tuesday
Digital race drives exercise

Laser cut grid of blue cards to make delicate
Perhaps color promotes creative insights

Lustful caffeine consumption
To write, book flights and trains
Ask for money for their benefit

Music class
Divine child dancing, swaying, fake crying and laughing
Imagine being needed and reach out

Play, write, avoid thick, humid air
Pour paint
Hear her crying when she's not

Break berlin style


Releasing Beauty


I stand before my sink and window
With soap and water blending on my hands.
Then, through circled fingers I gently blow
A transparent orb with rainbow bands.
Lighter than air, it floats to and fro;
Enchanting me 'til it lightly lands
And then disappears--it's gone, I know,
But its being left a gift so grand:

My spirit's fed by beauty so fragile;
My heart with peace and calm does fill.

So, laugh at my sud-spheres if you will;
I'll go on blowing my bubbles still!


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